« The work depicts a figure inspired by the global image of the goddess of democracy , usually holding light in the form of a torch. This particular figure holds a bottle with a candle logged into it, which has an ambiguous quality as it also refers to the history of violence in reaching democracy, Molotov Cocktail. The work for me speaks to the idea that women in protest were not passive as characterized by popular South African history but active agents in achieving their own freedom. Protests and marches which had actual bodies were necessary in a situation where dialogue was not available. She stands on a plinth that is not traditional or normal, three pillars representing the antagonist, the protagonist and the deuteragonist. For a story to be told all three are necessary . I was aware that the space is where walkers make paths, so the sculpture is meant to be present but works with the flow of the city movements. It’s high enough so that it can be seen from the street, as president street is one of the major arteries for people coming into the city. From this view she floats.« 

Lawrence Lemaoana

A new Monument to Democracy on Beyers Naude Square, Johannesburg, South Africa

24 August 2015 – forever

20 years of Democracy, City of Johannesburg
Loop Foundry and Masters in Steel
Project Managers: Mark Sinoff and Lesley Perkes