Malala Andrialavidrazana

afronova gallery Malala Andrialavidrazana - Figures 1850, Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics

Born in 1971 in Madagascar, lives and works in Paris.

Born and raised in Madagascar before settling in Paris at the age of twelve, Malala Andrialavidrazana fuels her practice by moving from one land to another.

By way of the photographic medium, she interrogates barriers and interactions within cross-cultural contexts, thoughtfully shifting between private spaces and global considerations to explore social imaginaries. Over time, she has invented a language whose approach is resolutely turned toward history, while simultaneously evidencing a profound engagement with contemporary issues and developments. Based on extensive in situ as well as bibliographic and archival research, her visual compositions open up the possibility of alternative forms of storytelling and history-making.

Andrialavidrazana’s recent series, Figures, is one of her most conceptually and contextually complex works. She takes maps as the starting point to discuss the many permutations of globalization in the 19th century, the age of empire building. Employing a methodology that combines photography, collage, drawing and text, this results in a pictorial narrative of movement, space and connectivity. Through the process of collecting, collating and repurposing objects, symbols, images and writing the work speaks to our identities as individuals but also to the process of nation building.

Her works have been widely exhibited. Venues include among others, on the African continent: Bamako Encounters, doual’art, Donwahi Foundation, Lagos Photo Festival ; Changjiang and Karachi biennials, Dhaka Art Summit, Para-Site, in Asia ; Herzliya Museum in the Middle East; PAC Milano, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Lyon and EVA Ireland’s Biennial, Warsaw MoMA, in Europe ; Fondation Clément in the Caribbean ; Aperture, Art Institute of Chicago, Ford Foundation, in the US.